Year 11 Trial Exams

Trial exams begin on Monday and so I’m going to put together some tips and hints over the weekend.

Paper 1 will cover Jekyll and Hyde.

  • Think about the key themes within the novel and re-read this section in your booster books.
  • Revise what happens in each chapter and think about how the 10 chapters are organised and structured.
  • Pick out key quotations in each chapter – especially the quotations that link to character or theme.
  • Re-read the exemplar essays that have been given to you in your booster books and consider what the annotations are demonstrating to you.
  • Learn the key phrases that you were given on Friday and remember to integrate them into your response.

Paper 2 will cover Blood Brothers and Poetry

  • Similarly to J&H, consider the themes of the play and the playwright’s intentions.
  • How does he use dramatic techniques to convey his ideas?
  • Consider the structure of the play and how it develops
  • What are the most significant lines and stage directions?


  • Revise the anthology and ensure that you use your booster books
  • Revise the structure of a comparative essay
  • Revise our key words and phrases
  • Know at least two key quotations for each poem in the collection




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