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Events · Trips

ExCite Poetry Day

Ten pupils from Stover School were been given the opportunity to work with accomplished poets Liz Adams and Lucy Lepchani. Pupils were based in Exeter’s Central Library where they were presented with, and asked to respond to, artefacts and documents from World War One. The work produced will be published and displayed as part of this year’s… Continue reading ExCite Poetry Day


Year 7’s Creative Exploration

On a magnificently hot summer’s day last week, Year 7 were led on a creative exploration of the Ted Hughes Poetry Trail in Stover Park by the English Department. The Stover Country Park created the trail in 2006 in celebration of Hughes’ poetry and long-standing links with Devon. Year 7 have been studying this past… Continue reading Year 7’s Creative Exploration


A Visit from New York Times Best Selling Author

A number of pupils from the Senior and Preparatory School took part in an enrichment activity led by the Senior School English Department. They attended a Creative Writing Workshop led by New York Times best-selling children’s author. G. P. Taylor is the author of several best-selling novels, including Shadowmancer, The Curse of Salamander Street, Wormwood… Continue reading A Visit from New York Times Best Selling Author


Myths and Legends are brought to life!

A number of very fortunate Stover pupils from Year 3-7, were invited to a Gifted & Talented Story Telling and Writing Workshop on Friday 22nd November. The children were excited, entranced and totally enthused by our guest story teller’s enigmatic approach to drama and performance of myths and legends and readings of short poetry. Mr… Continue reading Myths and Legends are brought to life!